Brush Care

MyArtscape Brush Care

To get the maximum out of your MyArtscape brushes, you should follow some important steps to improve their lifespan and consistency. Brushes can last a lifetime if they are of the right quality and cared for properly. Carefully follow our hints below to make the most out of your MyArtscape brushes.

You can download these tips as well by clicking the image below.

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Main Brush Care Tips:


  • Rinse in cold, clean water either under a running tap or in a jar (take care not to bang the bristles on the sides of the jar).
  • Lightly touch them on to a sheet of white kitchen roll or a rag until no color comes out.
  • Flick brushes to restore the shape.
  • Gently reshape the heads with your fingers.
  • Dry flat or in the supplied holder.

Oil and Acrylic

  • Remove excess paint.
  • Rub the brushes on a lint-free rag or sheet of kitchen roll and gently squeeze the bristles from ferrule to tip.
  • Rinse remaining color from the brushes with your choice of solvent.
  • Clean the brushes with a brush cleaner or household soap (not detergent). Work up a lather, rinse under warm water until there is no trace of color.
  • Gently reshape the heads with your fingers.
  • Dry flat or in the supplied holder.

Our top 7 brush tips

1. Always buy the best

MyArtscape brushes use premium quality ferrules, handles and hair and are assembled by skilled brush-makers. The result is an elegant brush, which is the perfect balance between quality and price. With proper care, they will last a lifetime.

2. Never stand the brushes on their bristles

This bends the brush hairs and may permanently deform or damage the brush heads.

3. Don't leave them in water

Water can penetrate the ferrule and swell the wood, leading to peeling paintwork. Water also rusts metal, degrades glue and bends the bristles.

4. Clean them immediately

Even clean brushes during painting, if necessary. Never let paint, especially acrylic paint, dry on the brushes. If paint dries in the ferrule it will bend the bristles, making them difficult to reshape.

5. Mix colors using older brushes

Save older brushes for mixing color to avoid prematurely aging new ones.

6. Always reshape after cleaning

Gently use your fingers to reshape the brushes after cleaning. Leave them to dry thoroughly before storing.

7. Never pull on the bristles

It is somewhat normal for even the highest quality brushes to lose occasional bristles. Do not pull or tug on the bristles.