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Watercolor Paint Set, 12ml Tubes - 12 Colors

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Customer Reviews

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Four Stars

very nice set of paints perfect for the begginer

My favorite set

This set is crazy pigmented for its price and the colors are all very workable. It also gives you a ton of paint so this set should last you awhile.My one complaint is that my Yellow Ochre was not completely mixed (there was some black pigment in it) but its easily fixed by mixing it manually before use. And really for the price and all the pros of this paint this is an extremely small con. I love these paints so much I find myself preferring it over my expensive Winsor and Newton palette! Great for beginners and professionals alike!

Pretty Darn Good Buckos

These here paints are pretty darn good my fine feathered friends. I've never painted with paint before but boy howdy you can bet I will now. Watercolor is a pretty tricky route to go on from what I've heard but boy-o let me tell you, these fine paints will not let you loose. Like riding in a rodeo, you don't know WHAT will come out of it, but it is sure to be something exciting. The paint was very smooth but runs quite nicely when water is applied. I can paint anything with these, even my desk! Darn tootin. Darn freaking tootin good quality right here.

Joelle Storey
Four Stars

great paint set...makes painting fun!

J. Arena
I recommend this set of paints and there is no deception in that recommendation my friends.

I did receive this set of paints in exchange for a review and I'd like to state why I consider them worthy of a five star rating. I want to make it plain that I am evaluating a really cheap set of water colors that give outrageous quality for the money! Oh my... If you only could have seen the sets of watercolors they passed out to the art majors in my high school and most of us were looking toward moving on to careers in the field or teaching. You would just break down and cry if you knew anything at all about watercolors. Here's the thing -- you have to start somewhere and for a beginner or someone returning to the craft after a long absence I don't see how you could expect any better than this set Furthermore there are horrible sets out there with a limited array of colors that can cost you even more. Thankfully most of us in school knew enough by virtue of our own art work out of school to beg our families for better paints so that we could produce something of value and we had to travel into Manhattan to find an art supply store to suit our needs. (Alas no Amazon back in ancient times!) Therefore I will state again that I did receive a set for review and that I consider this worthy of a FIVE STAR review. There is no deception here and I thoroughly resent the suggestion from anyone that there is. I honestly believe and KNOW that this is a nice set of paints for a student a casual devotee of the arts or anyone returning to painting after a long hiatus.

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  • I definitely like the set. I'm wondering if you have any advice about mixing an ultramarine hue with this set. It's my favorite color but I didn't realize the set didn't come with it. Thanks!

    Hello Stacie,

    To create a version of ultramarine blue using simple colors, mix Prussian Blue as a base with a small amount of Crimson Red to deepen the blue and give it a warmer tone. Depending on the desired shade, add White to lighten the mixture. Adjust the ratios of each color to achieve the desired intensity and warmth of the blue.

    Rheychelle | MyArtscape Team